Roster Rules and Guidelines

Roster Size

Teams must roster a minimum of 9 players and a maximum of 20.

Age Limits

A player's league age is determined by their age on April 30. If a player is 12 years old on April 30, that player may only play in 12U or higher. No exceptions will be made.

NOTE: USSSA modified their age rules to allow older players in the same grade as younger players to play at the younger age. KVBSA does NOT follow this age rule.

Initial Roster Declaration

Prior to the first game, each team is required to submit a team roster and, for each player, a completed and signed Player Participation form and a copy of the player's birth certificate. Rosters and forms can be found on the Registration page. When setting the initial roster, all forms and birth certificates should be turned in at the same time.

Adding Players

U8 through U13 can add players until June 14th at 11:59 PM. U14 though U18 can add players until July 14th at 11:59 PM. When adding a player, submit a Player Participation form, a copy of the birth certificate and an updated roster to the league. The submissions must be made before the player plays in their first game. Note: You must provide the player form and birth certificate even if the player is rostered on another KVBSA team at another age level.

Removing Players

To remove a player from your roster, send an email and an updated roster form to the league.

Playing Up / Rostering on Multiple Teams

Kids may play up but they can not play down under any circumstances. As long as they are birth eligible they may play in that specific age group. A player can be on multiple rosters in different age groups but they can not be on more than one (1) team's roster in their specific age group. (A U11 player may be on a U11 and U12 roster during the season. They have to declare which one they want for post season.) A U11 player may not be on more than one U11 roster, no matter how many teams are in that age bracket or how they are broken out. If they play one pitch for you then they may not change to another team in your age bracket.


If an ineligible player plays in a game, that game will be considered a forfeit by the team with the ineligible player.